I Wish I Knew What To Do!

It's understandable to feel confused, worried or just a bit low if you find yourself in a negative relationship, unfulling job or plagued by a previous traumatic event.  Almost everyone experiences difficult situations at some point in their lives.  But what if it's a pattern or never ending cycle?  Or perhaps this is different than anything you've experienced before.  Even positive events like getting married or a promotion can be stressful. 

No doubt you've tried hard to change things but when nothing's working it's easy to feel stuck, confused, anxious or even hopeless.  Merry-go-rounds can be fun at the fair, but not in your life.  It can help to untangle all of this with someone who can listen compassionately to your story and based on your strengths and desires, help you develop a plan to make things a lot simplier.

If you're dealing with a previous trauma from the past that you've tried to resolve with no success, then a recovery plan including EMDR (a reprocessing therapy) can help to heal and move on.

If you're trying to cope with a current situation that is making you nervous or keeping you up all night then an action plan can help take the next step to resolve it.

If your future direction or goal seems really complicated or stressful, then a life plan can help you become more centred and in control.

My plan is to help you find clarity, confidence, hope and a sense of joy.  So how do you know if this will work?  Well, that's really up to you.  If you're willing to put the work into it, so am I.  I would love to hear your story and see if we can pull the pieces together, so please feel free to call or email me.

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                                                           Sarah Jeffrey